Boats Rental  - Island of Elba

Useful to know

Fuel distributors on Elba Security on the sea results from good boats and your attention. Before starting always check the fuel. If you have a cellular phone, take it with you, on bord are waterproof spaces where you can store it. In case of necessity just call our offices.

For your information please find here some regulations from the 'Capitaneria' of Portoferraio:

- The navigation is not allowed in the area of 200 meters in front of the beaches and 100 meters in front of the cliffs between 08:00 until 20:00 hours.

- The area of the sea in front of steep cliffs can be crossed, but only for landing or anchoring purposes, by motor and sailing boats at very low speed and perpendicular to the coast line. In any case speed should not exeed 3 knots and taking all necessary attention in order to avoid accidents with persons and/or things.

- All boats have to transit at not less than 100 meters of segnalazations indicating the presence of divers (red base with a white stripe).

- All 'acquascooters' and jetskies, or similar boats, have to navigate, equipped with individual life vests, only during day time at a distance of at least 1 mile from the coast. During the period from May 15th. until September 30th. the navigation is allowed at a minimum distance of 400 meters from the coast. The rest of the year the navigation is allowed at a minimum distance of 300 meters from the coast. The maximum speed allowed to reach this navigation area is 3 knots.