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The Island of Elba, with its 147 km of coastline, is ideally suited to being visited by sea. Large bays, unique gulfs and small coves. The beaches of fine golden sand or black and sparkly sand alternate with those of white or multi-coloured pebbles. They are a splendid setting to the colourful cliffs overlooking the sea. Beautiful coves rich in Mediterranean vegetation open onto every promontory of the coast. In this paradise Rent Boats Bagnaia offers the rental of small motor boats, able to meet the needs of both experienced navigators and those approaching the boating world for the first time.Rent Boats Bagnaia staff use their own experience of the boating world to help you choose the best model for your needs, the right itinerary for you to have a relaxing trip and let you to havea day to rememberand talk about!

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Snorkelling what a passion!

The Island of Elba is surrounded by small islets and rocks, places that can only be reached by boat. Fantastic places for snorkelling. For example,diving in the waters of the island of the “Scoglietto” is one of the most intense experiences. At the heart of the marine reserve of the Ghiaie, the “Scoglietto” is populated by an incredible marine fauna. If you bring some stale bread or a slice of apple with you, you can feed the fish directly from your hands.

Splendours on the coast seen from the sea!

Along the coast there are several historical buildings. In Rio Marina there is the Clock Tower, which together with the Spanish fortress of San Giacomo in Porto Azzurro protected Elba towards the east. The Medici fortresses in Portoferraio and the Appiani Tower in Marciana Marina scan the sea to the north. To the west we find the lighthouse of Punta Polveraia, a splendid lookout post on a cliff overlooking the sea.

Elba Island … the little big island.

The island of Elba with its 224 square km is the third largest Italian island. Elba has 147 kilometres of coastline with beaches and cliffs overlooking the sea. To better understand its size, take note thatElba has 19 middle size to small towns and a dozen small inhabited villages. There are31,800 resident inhabitants, 141 per square km. In the summer there arealmost 200,000 visitorsbut they don’t seem to overcrowdthe place.