Special beaches to visit towards theeast!    Ving Rent Boats Bagnaia, turn right and head eastfor 8.5 km (4.6 knots) you’ll arrive at Capo Vite, a promontory at the north-east end of Elba. After Capo Vite, the beaches of Cala Seregola and Topinetti are very interesting. Beaches with black and sparkling sand creating a unique landscape. These beaches are 14 km away from Bagnaia. (7.5 knots). Further south Terranera beach is also unique.  Directly behind the beach there is a small sulphur water lake (see photo). Terranera beach is 23 km from Bagnaia (about 12.5 knots).

Special beaches to visit towards the west!

Sailing towards the west, you will find a fantastic coast of white beaches… Le Ghiaie, Cala dei Frati, Padulella, Capo Bianco, Sottobomba, Seccione, La Sorgente, Sansone with their characteristic turquoise water. It will be impossible to resist the temptation to take a dipin the sea. A unique beach of its kind is Enfola. A strip of beach that joins the promontory of the same name to an island. The beach whichis divided by a road looks both east and west. Enfola also houses the headquarters of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, which occupies Elba’s historic Tonnara. It’s here that Terence Young’s “The Adventurer” starring Anthony Quinn and Rita Hayworth was filmed in 1957.

Main beaches towards the west

Main beaches towards the east

Other beaches to see.

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